zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Á Bao A Qu

The A Bao A Qu lives in the Tower Of Victory in Chitor. The tower is known for having the most beautiful landscape in the World. The A Bao A Qu waits at the bottom of the stair awaiting anyone brave enough to try to climb the endless spiraling staircases which lead to the top of the tower. Before someone enters the A Bao A Qu lies dormant in a translucent blob like state, as the person walks through the doors and starts climbing the stairs the A Bao A Qu wakes and follows close behind. As they both get further and further up the stair the A Bao A Qu becomes clearer and more colourful. When a person is halfway up the tower the A Bao A Qu's tentacles start to appear. The A Bao A Qu can only reach its full form when the climber reaches the top of the staircase. The Tower in reality is the pathway to Nirvana and since most of the climbers are not perfect the A Bao A Qu hangs back and if he notices the imperfections in the person he will start to lose colour and form and descend down the stairs to once again become a colourless blob. When he gets back to the bottom of the staircase he lets off a single, soft cry which sound like the rustling of silk. The A Bao A Qu has no eyes but sees with his entire body and when touched, feels like the fuzzy skin of a peach. The A Bao A Qu has only been to the top of the tower once in his everlasting lifetime.

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